“In late August, nine activists walked into the Merrimack Station in Bow, New Hampshire. They didn’t seek approval or go through any security to enter the coal power plant. The group of activists, which included members of 350 New Hampshire Action, the Climate Disobedience Center, and Nonviolent Citizen Action, had one goal: remove some coal.

Each wore a white disposable Tyvek suit as they entered the largest running coal plant in New England without a shut-down date, and they came ready with a shovel in one hand and bucket or two in the other. This was the first direct action for 27-year-old Emma Shapiro-Weiss had ever taken part in. For others, such as 56-year-old Barbara Peterson, it was only the latest. The action was a test run for an even larger direct action the group planned and attempted on Saturday.

But their attempt to access the coal plant didn’t go as smooth on Saturday. About 120 people arrived to the station with the intention of taking even more coal, but the Bow Police Department was waiting for them. The town’s police ended up arresting 67 people for criminal trespass.”

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