We have the power to shut down the last big coal plant in New England. We are part of a broad coalition gearing up to shut down the Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, New Hampshire, which is perched precariously close to the end of the proposed Granite Bridge Pipeline. This six-plus month campaign, timed with the New Hampshire presidential primary for maximum political punch, will kick off this August and build towards mass action at the end of September, following the global climate strikes. Through this opening act, we will identify and train action teams across New England capable of rapid response to intervene when the coal plant is running, and when trains threaten to supply it with more coal. We will keep coming back, and nonviolently intervening in the operations of this killer machine until this unnecessary plant is closed for good. Together we will shut it down, and let the ripples spread across the region.

Our hope is that ending coal in New England will help others see the day without fossil fuels beyond the horizon. And envision mass actions of people shutting down fossil fuel infrastructure like the Ende Gelände actions in Germany. Over these six months we will up our skills, experience, training, confidence, trust and boldness to move from shutting down a coal plant, to stopping pipeline construction, to interrupting operations across the fossil fuel empire, driving towards the point of moral and political crisis we need to make systemic change.

Are you ready to help us do what must be done? Stay tuned for more information about participating in a big action at Bow!
More info: https://www.nocoalnogas.org/